NJARC Scope School - (Last Update 2/20/2011)

Saturday, March 5, 20011, 10 AM - 4 PM at Infoage

Tentative Schedule:

09:00       Instructors arrive and set up
10:00       Students arrive - Meet & Greet - Coffee & Bagles
10:30       Introductory Presentation, Scope History Etc.                 Al Klase
10:45       Technical Presentation based on XYZ's of Scopes            Alan Wolke, Tektronix FAE
11:30ish   Break out to Learning Activity Stations
13:00        Pizza
13:30        Continue Activity Stations
15:45        Wrap up - Closing Discussion
16:00        End and Clean up

Learning Activity Stations:

We'll set up a number of activity stations with scopes, instructors, and other equipment.  Visiting students will operate the provided instruments or one's they've brought along, under the direction of the instructors.  Student will be given a "Dance Card" listing the stations and providing a check-off block so they will be encouraged to visit each activity.

Proposed Station Topics:
The Scope School Faculty:

Al Klase
Alan Wolke
Dave Snellman
Harry Klancer
Steve Goulart
Richard Lee
Ray Chase
Sal Brisindi