2022 NJARC BCB DX Contest

  There were 22 logs submitted by 18 participants.   Official Results
   Conditions were not that great.  No contestant exceeded 10,000 miles.

Over-all Placing

1 F - Open 9558 Joseph Serafin Radio Shack DX-390 Internal Loop       
2 B- Primitive  9490 Nevell Greenough  Westinghouse RC Wire
3 H - AC/DC 4/5/6 9487 Tom Provost Canadian Plillips 818 Loop
4 E - Comm RX 9405 Gary Berg Mackay 3010B  Loop
5 E - Comm RX 9161 John Ruccolo Mackay 3010B  Loop
6 E - Comm RX 8884 Paul Mondock NC-98 Wire 1st Time DX'er
7 J - Transistor 8843 Frank Feczko Candle TK1848 Loop
8 E - Comm RX 8635 Al Klase Collins 51J4 Loop
9 F - Open 8543 Henry Sonntag Tecsun PL-990 Int. Loop                  1st Time DX'er
10 F - Open 8511 Tom Provost Homebrew 5-tube Regen Loop
11 E - Comm RX 8372 Owen Gerboth Hallicrafters S-53A Loop
12 D - Home radios 8232 Frank Feczko RCA 8BX6  Internal Loop
13 H - AC/DC 4/5/6 7403 Aaron Hunter Woolaroc 3-1A Loop
14 D - Home radios 6492 Al Klase Zenith 12S232 Loop
15 H - AC/DC 4/5/6 5966 John Ruccolo Emerson 301  Loop
16 J - Transistor 5803 Bill Zukowski Eddystone EC-10 Wire
17 E - Comm RX 5270 Mario Volpe Hammarluns HQ-129X Wire 1st Time DX'er
18 E - Comm RX 5084 Daniel Gervais Hallicrafters SX-25 Wire
19 A- Crystal Radios 4858 Joe Devonshire  PGXS Wire 1st Time DX'er
20 C-Battery sets  4765 Aaron Hunter Metrodyne Super 7  Loop
21 E - Comm RX 3587 Mike Shaw Hallicrafters S-38 Wire
22 A- Crystal Radios 109 Bill Sloma PGXS Wire (short)
23 G- Lightweight

Category A - Crystal Radios

First Place

Joe Devonshire 4.858 pts. Pretty Good Crystal Radio (PGCR) using 100 m dipole
MDS 1020 kHz WCIC Peoria,IL. 1,052 mi.

*Joe was DXing from Jefferson, ME
*This was Joe’s first NJARC DX Contest

Second Place

Bill Sloma 109 pts. Home made Crystal Set using short wire ant.
MDS 770 kHz WABC New York, NY 43 mi

Category B - Primitive tube receivers- 1 or 2 tube

First Place

Nevell Greenough 9,490 pts. 3 tube RA-DA using only 2 tubes (bad audio transformer) using 70’ dipole as flat top ant.

MDS 600kHz CMKA San German, CU 1,347 mi.

Category C - 1920’s Battery sets

First Place

Aaron Hunter 4,765 pts. Metrodyne Single Dial Super 7 using Al’s plywood loop

MDS 750 kHz WSB Atlanta, GA 717 mi.

Category D - Other Tube radios sold for home entertainment

First Place

Frank Feczko 8,232 pts. RCA 8BX6 (1948) using built-in loop, MDS 1200 WOAI San Antonio,TX 1,003 mi.

*Frank was DXing from Leesburg,FL.

Second Place

Al Klase 6,497 pts. Zenith 12S232 Waltons

using Skywaves loop,

MDS 1540 kHz Waterloo, IA 950 mi.

Category E - Amateur, commercial and military tube type communications receivers

First Place

Gary Berg 9,405 pts. Mackay 3010B using AOR LA 400 ant.

MDS 820 kHz WBAP Dallas-Fort Worth,TX 1,379 mi.

Second Place

John Ruccolo 9,161 pts. Mackay 3010B (black panel) using Tommytronics SDL loop

MDS 600 kHz CMKA San German, CU 1,347 mi.

Third Place

Paul Mondok 8,884 pts. National NC 98 using long wire MDS 670 kHz CMHA Camaguey, CU 1,279 mi.

*This was Paul’s first NJARC DX Contest

Fourth place

Al Klase
8,635 pts. Collins 51J4 using
Skwaves loop
MDS 600kHz CMKA San German, Cu 1,347 mi.

Fifth Place

Owen Gerboth
8,372 pts. Hallicrafters S53A
using Palomar loop 

MDS 850 kHz KOA Denver, CO 1,615 mi

Sixth Place

Mario Volpe 5,270 pts. Hammarlund HQ 129X
using 40 ft. wire

MDS 1540 kHz KXEL Waterloo, IA 950 mi.

*This was Mario’s first NJARC DX Contest

Seventh Place

Daniel Gervais 5,084 pts. Hallicrafters SX 25

using 75 ft.wire 20 ft. up.

MDS 1110 kHz WBT Charlotte, NC 807 mi.

* Dan was DXng from St-Hubert Quebec, Canada

Eighth Place

Mike Shaw
3,587 pts. Hallicrafters S38 (1948)
using long wire

MDS 650 kHz WSM Nashville, TN 736 mi.

Category F - Any radio of your choosing

First Place

Joseph Serafin 9,588 pts. Radio Shack DX 390
using internal loop

MDS 820 kHz WBAP Dallas-Fort Worth, TX 1,379 mi.

Second Place

Henry Sonntag 8,543 pts. Tecsun PL 990
using built-in loop

MDS 1200 WOAI San Antonio, TX 1,558 mi.

* This was Henry’s first NJARC DX Contest

Third Place

Tom Provost
8,511 pts Home brew 5 tube regenerative radio using Tommytronics SDL loop

MDS 600 kHz CMKA San German, CU 1,347 mi.

Category G - Light weight- any radio weighing less than 1 pound.

No Entries

Category H - Any AA 4/5/6 AC-DC Radio

First Place

Tom Provost 9,487 pts. Canadian Philips 818 (all original) using Tommytronics SDL loop ant.

MDS 600 kHz CMKA San German, CU 1,347 mi.

Second Place

Aaron Hunter 7,403 pts. Woolaroc 3-1A
using internal loop and Tecsun AN200 loop ant.

MDS 820 kHz CMIB Ciego de Avila, CU 1,271 mi.

Third Place

John Ruccolo 5,966 pts. Emerson 301 using built in loop and Tommytronics SDL loop.

MDS 1540 kHz KXEL Waterloo, IA 950 mi.


Category J - Classic Transistor Radios
Analog readout only

First Place

Frank Feczko 8,843 pts.Candle TK1848 5 band 1968 with built in ferrite and Select-A-Tenna MDS 1030 kHz

MDS WBZ Boston, MA 1,114 mi.

*Frank was DXing from Leesburg, FL

Second Place

Bill Zukowski 5,803 pts. Eddystone EC10 using random wire 40 ft. long

MDS 820 WBAP Dallas-Fort Worth, TX 1,122 mi.

*Bill was DXing from Delray Beach, FL


*First time DXers in the 2022 NJARC DX Contest

Joe Devonshire

Mario Volpe

Paul Montok

Henry Sonntag



Compiled by Tom Provost                * MDS=Most Distant Station